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2 Bedroom Granny Flats Sydney, Two Bedroom Granny Flat Builders Sydney

2 bedroom granny flat builders Sydney

At M² Constructions company, we love planning and building 2-bedroom granny flats! 1-bedroom models are the most common choice for homeowners building or designing a granny flat, and we enjoy those too of course. However, the additional floor space and the variety of options in terms of layout and features that two-bedroom models provide makes things interesting and gets our and our customers’ creative juices flowing! Our expert designers and builders can be trusted and will deliver two bedroom granny flats on time. We are Wetherill Park, Sydney based construction company with a good team of builders and designers who designs granny flats as per your property design.

We don’t work with prefabricated granny flat kits and, together with the customer, we design each project to fit their specific requirements, preferences, and yard space. If you’ve decided to upgrade your property with a 2-bedroom granny flat or are exploring the possibility, then-pick up the phone or drop us an email. We’ll be more than happy to help you get started on the project or provide an initial consultation.

We are specialists at finding a solution for granny flats where yard space or other considerations make the project a little more complicated than as is the standard. So don’t worry if other companies have told you ‘we can’t,’ we’ll make every possible effort to be able to tell you ‘we can’!

Two Bedroom Granny Flats Construction Company Sydney Australia

Why a Granny Flat?

While every homeowner has their own individual motivation behind the decision to invest in a granny flat, creating additional living space and adding value to the property can safely be said to be the two primary considerations. These designs of granny flats will give value to your property.

Building an extension to the primary property is of course also an option but granny flats hold a number of key advantages, which make them so popular. The privacy afforded by the fact that a granny flat is an independent, self-contained construction separated from the main property, is clearly one major plus. Granny flats are also often more economic and quicker to build than extensions, and there is far less disruption to everyday life in the primary home during the construction process.

Two Bedroom Construction Designs, Builders Company Sydney Australia

Why a 2-Bedroom Granny Flat?

While 1-bedroom granny flats are ideal for older children still living at home, extended family, or as a guest house, 2-bedroom granny flats are really like a second home within your property’s grounds. Of course, a 2-bedroom granny flat is also perfectly suited to all of the above uses. Additionally, the extra space provides a greater level of comfort and means more than one person can live in the flat while having the luxury of some personal space.

2-bedroom granny flats can also be an ideal starting point for young couples, or a great solution for older parents. Many homeowners also build 2-bedroom granny flats to rent out as an investment property.

A Typical 2-Bedroom Granny Flat

Although not necessarily the case, 2-bedroom granny flats are typically around 20 m² larger than the average 40 m² 1-bedroom models. This additional floor space means that the kitchen and laundry areas can more comfortably be separate rooms if preferred. 2-bedroom models will often also have a separate ‘guest’ toilet in addition to the main bathroom. The most common bedroom variations are either two medium sized bedrooms or a larger ‘master’ bedroom and smaller single bedroom that can also be employed as a study or reading room.

How Much Yard Space Do I Need for a 2-Bedroom Model?

In terms of planning permission, the yard space requirements for permission to build a granny flat do not actually differ significantly between 1 and 2-bedroom models, despite the fact that 2-bedroom properties are typically 10 m² to 20 m² larger. Typically, a width of 12 metres and a distance of 15 metres from the rear of your main property to the yard’s boundary should mean you will have little trouble gaining the relevant permits for a 2-bedroom granny flat of approximately 60 m². If the dimensions of your yard do not fit that rough guideline exactly, don’t worry, we are experts in finding a solution that will still get you permission to build your ideal granny flat, or very close to it.

How Long Will It Take?

From the date of submission of the final architectural plans for your chosen design, we would normally expect to receive all the necessary permits and have completed construction of your new granny flat within 2-3 months.

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