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3 Bedroom Granny Flats Sydney, Three Bedroom Granny Flat Builders Sydney

3 bedroom granny flat builders Sydney

While most people think of granny flats as compact 1-bedroom properties, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom models are becoming more and more common. At M² Constructions, we love a challenge and creating the optimal design for a comfortably functional three-bedroom granny flat is one of our favourites. We are one of the company among other companies in Wetherill Park, Sydney Australia who has number of years’ experience in building industry. Our are unique and well suitable for your property. We have good designs which our builders can build for your need. Our company has building skills and builders.
While the 60 m² floor space of a typical 2-bedroom granny flat is often the maximum allowed by zoning regulations, with smart architecture this adequately affords the option of a third bedroom. And we specialise in smart architecture! Where other companies may tell you they do not offer 3-bedroom models, or advise against it, our mission is to enable you to achieve what you want, without compromising on the quality of the finished product!

Because we design all of the granny flats we build uniquely, and we do not work with prefabricated kit models, we can give you exactly what you want. We’ve built many 3-bedroom granny flats in the past and are immensely proud of their functional layouts and designs which maximise the efficiency of the available space.

Three Bedroom Granny Flats Designs, Construction Company Sydney Australia

Advantages of a Granny Flat

Sacrificing a little yard space for a granny flat can both add to the comfort of your family’s living arrangements and increase the value of your property significantly. A whole self-inclusive 3-bedroom property can provide the perfect housing solution for a couple of noisy teenagers, a young family, or an older couple.

A granny flat, especially a larger one, can also be rented out as an investment property, generally providing a very attractive return on investment.

Granny Flats Designs, Builders Company Sydney Australia

Why a 3-Bedroom Granny Flat?

A 3-bedroom granny flat is essentially a second home within your property’s grounds. It can provide a perfect solution either as additional housing for members of the extended family, be used as a guest house, or rental property, offering both privacy to the occupants and those in the primary residence, as well as immediate proximity.

A Typical 3-Bedroom Granny Flat

As a result of planning restrictions, meaning 60 m² is the maximum floor space permissible for a granny flat, 3-bedroom models are often the same approximate size, or only slightly larger, than 2-bedroom options. A kitchenette rather than a separate kitchen and incorporating the laundry area into the kitchenette, largest bathroom, or corridor space is often enough of a tweak to the layout to allow for the addition of the third bedroom without compromising the spaciousness of the living area and the other two bedrooms. Most 3-bedroom granny flats will consist of a living area with kitchenette, two good-sized bedrooms, a smaller single bedroom which can also be used as a study, a bathroom, and a toilet. Depending on space allocation preferences, en-suite bathrooms are also a possibility.

How Much Yard Space Do I Need for a 3-Bedroom Model?

This very much depends upon the chosen design in terms of the footprint of the granny flat’s length and breadth. A good rule of thumb is a yard 13 to 15 metres wide with 12 to 15 metres distance between the main property and the yard’s rear boundary. If your particular yard does not match the above parameters but you still feel that there is enough space for a granny flat of approximately 60 m², then we will endeavor to find a design that makes a 3-bedroom granny flat possible.

How Long Will It Take?

From the submission of the final architectural plans for your granny flat, you should expect the project to be approved and construction completed within 70-85 days. Our designs will take into account planning regulations from the outset so there should be no risk of the documentation being rejected or held up. Are you looking for a construction company in Wetherill Park, Sydney with good designs and builders team then contact us.

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